Boudoir Photography and What to Know About It

Have a good long talk with the client before initiating the boudoir photography shoot.

boudoir photographyIt is important that you find out what your client is comfortable with and what she may not be that comfortable with at the end of the day. There will be a lot of times wherein you will end up setting up all of these creative ideas but they will all be in vain because it’s either you don’t get the results that you are aiming for because your clients are not 100% comfortable with it or worse, it may be that the clients will refuse going ahead with it altogether.

Something like this can easily take a turn for the worst and things might start to immediately go downhill from there and that is what you should always be watching out for at the end of the day. Boudoir photography is at times a bit controversial especially when it is not done in good days and it varies greatly as well depending on the preference of the client in particular. It depends on the kind of person or subject that you are dealing with. Every person has a different set of limits and it is not possibly for you to have a blanket approach on boudoir photography. What may current apply to one person may not exactly match up with what the other person may choose to go with and that is what you should keep in mind all of the time.

Take it from the subject’s perspective and not from your own.

It does not really matter all that much what you are comfortable with and what things you think are still quite alright based off of the proprietary rules that you are familiar with in boudoir photography. If it is not the kind of thing that your clients are comfortable with, then you should know right then and there that it is not the kind of thing that you will be able to more or less work into what you are trying to achieve in boudoir photography. Talk to your client so that you know exactly where you stand. You should know about where your creative liberties lie at the end of the day so that you are well aware and careful enough to check and see if you are overstepping on those said lines every now and then. You should make your client feel as if you are bringing her visions into reality. That should be how things will turn out at the end of the day.

Focus on the emotions, not the actual poses.

The eyes are the best focus points for you to get your hands on as a boudoir photographer. When the eyes are looking a little blank and vacant, you don’t really get too much out of the photos that you are able to produce, no matter how artsy and how professionally interesting the angles are being taken at the end of the day. You should always try to go ahead and have the subject command what the mood of the photo shoot will be. It all starts with the mental processes before it can turn out to translate to the photos being produced and it’s extremely important that you get to focus on that as much as possible.

Be picky with the clothes.

Again and again, you need to zero back to the fact that the clothes that the subject wears in boudoir photography can easily turn trashy when it all comes down to it.

Online Etiquette for Every Wedding Photographer

Learn the basics

wedding photographySocial media is something that can quite easily turn out to be redundant and something that will more or less come off as something that is spam. This is something that you will really need to be careful about as a wedding photographer. If you are still in the process of bring able to cultivate your social media presence, then you need to make sure that you have pretty much all of the basics down pat so that things go by as smoothly and as seamless as you would like them to go by at the end of the day. You are also probably thinking that social media is something pretty simple and easy to get to wrap your head around one way or the other but this is actually not always the case. There is so much thought strategies that come in with the cultivation of your social media presence as a professional wedding photographer. You need to really take the time out of your day to make sure that you will be able to get things figured out the right way when it all comes down to it.

Adhere to online etiquette

You need to make sure that you are able to adhere to online etiquette as much as possible. Keep in mind of the fact that you are basically trying to grow your professional online profile. This means that people need to take you seriously and see you as a force to reckon with when it comes to your particular niche or industry. It will be a bit hard for them to see you as such if you are constantly flooding people’s newsfeeds with unrelated info. You will end up getting followers to unfollow you because they find your constant activities a tad bit redundant and annoying. You don’t want anything like that to happen to you. Although you will be required to post on your social media accounts on a daily basis, you will still need to make sure that the things that you do post are actually relevant to what you do as a professional wedding photographer at some point or so. Your content needs to be interesting and informational. This means that you need to really sift through the tons of possible content ideas that you may have on a daily basis and go for something that will really get to represent you well enough as a wedding photographer in the most professional kind of sense.

Post something valuable.

Make sure that you opt to constantly post something that is valuable to your readers and to the rest of your followers when it all comes down to it. Quality will always trump quantity in social media. It is better for you to go ahead and have only a few posts that are far apart but the quality is always guaranteed compared to posting a stream of successive posts that don’t really have any form of coherence or that don’t really deliver the kind of theme and message that you would like to go ahead and give out as a professional wedding photographer Peterborough when it all comes down to it.

What to Pay Attention to as a Wedding Photographer

Pay attention to lighting

wedding photography tipsOne aspect of what you do as a wedding photographer is that you should pay attention to the kind of lighting that you are playing around with or working with during the wedding photography shoot. As much as possible, the common staple for wedding photographers south wales everywhere would be to go ahead and opt for natural light if it is something that they will be able to use at their disposal. However, if natural light isn’t really that much of an option when it all comes down to it, then you should use flash photography sparingly at the end of the day. If you will be able to do without it altogether, then you should go ahead and do so. However, if you absolutely need to use flash in order for you to take great looking pictures for your wedding photography album, then you should make sure that you check out the possibility of using an external flash bracket instead.

When you opt to go ahead and shoot with an external flash bracket, you are basically having the flash sit around a few inches higher on top of the actual camera sensor. The built in camera flash sits a little too close to the sensor for comfort and it isn’t exactly the most flattering kind of look or effect for the photos that you are taking at the end of the day. Although this doesn’t technically count as the most important or essential photography accessory that you will get to invest in as a wedding photographer, what you can be quite rest assured of is the fact that this is something that will make your photos look so much better. This is definitely an interesting add on to your equipment and something that you should go through the motions of investing in if it is something that you will be able to afford.

Learn how to pace yourself and take a break as a wedding photographer.

You don’t have to stress yourself out too much. You don’t really have to make yourself peer from behind the camera lens all of the times all throughout the wedding photography shoot. There are certain moments during the wedding that don’t really warrant any pictures. Learn how to pick these moments out so that you will be able to more or less keep yourself alert and focused for all of those times wherein you do need to take photos. One pretty good example for moments such as these would be when people are eating. People don’t really want to get their pictures taken while they are stuffing food in their mouths nor will anyone want to see that in the first place.

Take this time during the wedding event to take a break, catch your breath, and maybe eat a little bit.

You need to last right until the very last part of the wedding. Stamina is extremely crucial to every professional wedding photographer at the end of the day. You will eventually build up your endurance for covering wedding events but until then, you need to seriously manage yourself and not work yourself up too hard.

5 Factors Affecting Your Photography Business

photography businessAre you planning to start your own photography business? Do you think you are really ready for it? Are you aware of the factors that can affect your photography business? Well, starting a photography business is certainly not easy. It requires time, effort and careful planning. Once you have it going, you still need to manage your photography business well in order for it to run smoothly and earn you an income.

For business starters, you should be aware that there are factors that can affect your photography business. It can be positive or negative depending on how you deal with it. Here are 5 factors that you should be aware so you can prepare better.

  1. Location

The location of your studio or office has a huge impact in your business. If your location is safe, easy to access and is visible to the public, then more people can visit and inquire. But then, if your location is in an unknown area or in a narrow alley which is not visible to many, then it will be impossible for people to see your studio.

Make sure to carefully choose the location of your studio. You can either rent a commercial space in a business district or put up your own studio at home if your house is in a good location.

  1. Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies you use can greatly affect your business. If you only apply traditional marketing strategies, then your business surely will not grow. You need to know the current marketing trends and choose those that you think are applicable to your photography business.

Social media marketing is one of today’s popular marketing strategies that you should look into using. Learn how to market your photography business through social media because you will truly benefit from it if you do it the right way. Among social media sites you can create accounts in are Twitter Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest.

  1. Responsiveness

Your responsiveness to your customers and potential clients also matters a lot. If you always respond to people’s questions in a timely and right manner, then that would add credibility to your business. Potential clients will give their full trust to you once they notice how honest and sincere you are.

  1. Personality

People prefer photographers who are accommodating, honest and easy to get along with. No matter how skilled you are, if you do not know how to deal with people, then your business will not progress. You need to develop people’s skills so you can become good in communicating with people and in solving problems.

  1. Services rendered

Photography is considered by some as difficult career and business to get into. Some photographers earn a steady flow of income while others struggle to make both ends meet. There are photographers, like wedding photographer nottingham, who earn a lot during summer season when many weddings happen. Meanwhile, there are photographers who are in demand during winter or autumn. This can be a big problem to you especially if you are not prepared for it. The solution to this is to find other sources of incomes during off-peak season. Let’ say if you are a wedding photographer, you can offer portrait photo services when there is less demand for wedding photographers or you can teach photography whenever you are available. That way you still earn even during lean months.

By learning these 5 factors affecting your photography business, you can prepare yourself on what to expect in the years to come and you can overcome any problem that you might encounter.

Four Important Tips for Hiring a Food Photographer

food photographerWhen it comes to promoting our business, the marketing techniques we use play a big role in its success or failure. We need to be able to market our business well so more consumers or potential clients will patronize it.

Visual marketing is one of the most efficient ways of promoting our products. People normally get encouraged to try out a product upon seeing a visually-appealing advertisement posted on the billboard, on a website or other platforms. This visual marketing is somehow very effective particularly when it comes to the food business.

Restaurant owners or any food business owners should know that a perfect picture of a delectable dish has a potential of being accepted by consumers than a dull, less colorful image. Most consumers are tempted to try a new dish if the picture alone already makes their mouths water. That is why it is crucial that you can produce food photos that can convince viewers that your restaurant is worth visiting or the new food product is worth trying out. One way to ensure you get wonderful pictures to advertise your food is by hiring a professional food photographer.

A food photographer is not your ordinary photo hobbyist or photographer who takes pictures of anything under the sun. A food photographer is someone skilled and knowledgeable in food photography. He/she studied the right techniques and method in capturing food so viewers will gush and get excited at the thought of tasting such appetizing dish.

Here are some tips on how you can find the right food photographer to hire:

  1. Search for food photographers online

You can start by doing a google search of food photographers specifically in your location. Once you have the names, get the contact information and other important information like their website. Visit their website to see pictures or sample works. If you like what you see, then he/she is a good choice to hire.

  1. Set a face to face appointment with each photographer

Once you have shortlisted the photographers you are interested to hire, give them a call and request or an appointment. Seeing them in person is way better and different from just talking with them over the phone.

  1. Ask relevant questions

To assess how skilled or experienced he/she is, you need to ask the photographer relevant questions like: How many years has he/she been into food photography? Does he/she work with a food stylist? What companies did he/she work for before? How much is his professional fee? Ask also if he/she will be working with a food stylist or with a team.

  1. Give the details of the project and ask if he/she can do it.

During the interview or face to face appointment, you can give the food photographer some details of the project and ask the photographer if he is sure that he can do it. Ask also for suggestions and try to determine if the photographer really seems to know what to do. Observe carefully and listen to the answers so you can assess well.

Just like searching for a derby wedding photographer, it is important to be extra meticulous in choosing a food photographer. Your choice can most likely make or break your food business or product.

How Couples Can Prepare for a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

pre-wedding photoshootA pre-wedding shoot is becoming a trend among couples today. Wedding photographers London often hear couples discussing on whether or not to avail a package that includes a pre-wedding shoot. Most of them decide to include a pre-wedding shoot for these couples feel that it would help them feel more prepared for their wedding. A pre-wedding shoot can also make the couple feel more comfortable with the wedding photographer before the actual wedding.

Like other pictorials, it is best for subjects to prepare for the shoot. For this pre-wedding shoot, the couple must prepare and plan every detail to make the pictorial successful. If you are among those will undergo a pre-wedding photo shoot, here are some helpful preparation tips for you.

  1. Think of a theme

Start by thinking about the suitable theme for the shoot. It can be the same with your wedding theme so it will look consistent in the wedding album. Or, you can also choose another theme like vintage theme, military-themed shoot or any unique theme that preferably depicts your personalities.

  1. Choose a location

The location can be indoors or outdoors. It can be at the park, on a garden, near a fishpond or in any place you and your partner think is suitable for your theme or expected outcome. It is advisable though that your chosen place has a toilet or changing room or area. Some couples complained about their shooting venue because there was no toilet and so it was very inconvenient for them.

  1. Know what the necessary permits are

There are locations which require permits or documents. You will need to do a research about what the necessary docs are and obtain them as early as possible.

  1. Select the right photographer

Of course, if you haven’t found a wedding photographer yet, then you have to find one immediately. Start interviewing candidates and asses their skills and experiences. You need a wedding photographer who is skilled, honest, credible and easy to work with. Just like choosing wedding videographer essex, your wedding photographer should be someone who can make you feel comfortable and can deliver the brilliant wedding photos you want.

  1. Pick the most suitable outfit

You cannot just wear anything you want, you have to choose carefully the outfit to wear for the pre-wedding shoot. You and your partner must wear something suitable to the theme and location. You can ask suggestions from your photographer or check out bridal magazines. You can also get ideas online.

  1. Bring props and backup items

Props add life to a picture. You can bring props that are suitable to your theme. Bring also backup items like blanket, flower bouquet, umbrella, medicine kit and whatever you think can be useful during the shoot.

  1. Plan your hair style

Think of what hair style is ideal for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Your hair should also be completely dry before the shoot because wet hair does not appear nice in pictures. You can visit a salon days before your shoot to have your nails cleaned, shaped and manicured. Choose a light color for your nails for it will look better in pictures.

Your pre-wedding shoot can serve like a practice shoot because through this you can be more prepared for the taking of pictures during the actual wedding.

How to Get Started in Boudoir Photography

boudoir photographyBoudoir photography is one of the newest trends in photography that women and professional photographers are becoming interested in. You can hear brides-to-be raving about their desire to give it a try. You can also notice professional photographers promoting the boudoir photography service that they are now offering.

Some wedding photographers decide to about learn about this type of shoot so they can offer it to their female clients. Other photographers who have just entered professional photography chose boudoir photography for they find it a lucrative business that offers them a promising career.

If you are an amateur photographer who is eyeing on boudoir photography, then you should be aware that it is not that easy to get started in this field. There are things you need to know, skills you have to acquire and pointers you must keep in mind in order to be successful.

To help you get started, here are some helpful tips on how to start and run a boudoir photography studio.

  1. Create a work portfolio

A work portfolio is the first thing that a potential client will request to see on your first meeting. And so, you have to create a work portfolio that is impressive yet real and contains truthful information. You can get help from female friends or relatives to become your model so you can show off your skills in photography. Add these photos to your work portfolio. You can also include your past experiences in your work portfolio. Further, you can hire a model to do boudoir poses that you can present to clients.

  1. Prepare a business plan

Like other startup businesses, you have to prepare a business plan to guide and give direction to your business. You should set everything you need like financial costs, business goals, pricing of products and services, among many others. If you need more guidance, you can ask for tips from more experienced professionals particularly those who are successfully running their business.

  1. Get the right equipment and props

DSLR cameras and interchangeable lenses are of course among the most important equipment that professional photographers like this wedding photographer Hampshire must have. Apart from these, a boudoir photographer needs to buy props that the ladies can use for the shoot. If you still have money to spare, it would be great if you can buy some lingerie or sexy outfits that your clients can borrow for the shoot. Having some available props and accessories can entice more clients into hiring you for you made life easier for them. They do not have to buy new lingerie, accessories or props.

  1. Plan on possible locations

The next on the list is the location. You need to settle on location/s for your boudoir photo sessions. If you have your own space or studio, you can transform it to look like a bedroom. If you have no studio, you can choose a posh hotel or you can also offer to have the photo shoot in the client’s own home. You need to decide ahead on where you are going to take pictures of your clients.

  1. Know the best poses

In boudoir photography, it is not just about making your client look sexy, it is also about showing real emotions and true personality of your female subject. The poses that your subject will perform can reveal their beauty and sensuality even if they are on the heavy side. It is important for a photographer like you to learn the poses that can emphasize the photographer’s best assets.

Once you have followed the tips above, you can now focus on marketing your business. Building a website and being visible online can be some of the marketing strategies that you can apply for promoting your boudoir photography business.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Event Photographer

event photographySmall business owners have benefited so much to our technology today. Most of these businessmen are now actively promoting their products and services online through social media sites. Among the vendors you can find online are the photographers.

Professional photographers can now be easily found over the internet. If you are planning to hire a wedding photographer, then try to search online. Or if you have a company event soon, you can look for an event photographer. You can surely find an event photographer near you.

Events like company anniversaries, birthdays, product launching happen every now and then. Some events are too special and must therefore be remembered. One way to remember it is through pictures. Photos of the wonderful moments that happened during the event are certainly great to see. If you really want to successfully keep the moments of your event, then you have to hire an event photographer to shoot pictures.

There are also studies which indicate that people are easily fascinated of actual photos or images of products and services by a company of business. For this reason, business owners should hire a professional event photographer for such events. Listed below are some benefits you can get in hiring a professional event photographer.

  1. He/she got the skills and experience

A professional event photographer is different from your average photo hobbyist-friend. He/she has gained photography skills through years of experience as well as training which makes him/her fit for the job. Most professional event photographers took a photography course so rest assured that he/she knows what he/she is doing compared to someone you just grabbed and assigned to shoot pictures

  1. He/she is used to dealing with people of various personalities

An event photographer can adjust well with the invited guests in your event. He/she knows how to handle, mingle as well as show patience towards the people in the occasion. You have nothing to worry about especially if you hired an event photographer with an impressive personality.

  1. The event photographer is equipped with the right gear

An event photographer carefully plans what cameras, lenses and accessories to bring. He/she choses the camera and pairs it with the right lenses depending on what kind of shot he/ she wants to take. Your professional event photographer also knows how to prepare well for the event, like what to shoot, when to shoot and what kind of pictures the client most likely want to see. If your indoor location has insufficient light, the event photographer already knows how to adjust his camera to allow more light and apply other ways to get sharp images even in low light.

  1. Most event photographers know how to edit pictures

Most professional event photographers have mastered how to edit pictures when they did not get the shots perfectly. They are proficient in using Lightroom, Photoshop or other similar programs so you can definitely receive magnificent event photos after post production.

Events are important not only for business owners but even for individuals who want to keep memories of special occasions. Hire the right event photographer so you can surely receive the best event pictures you want.

Five Mistakes to Avoid For Weddings

weddingsIt is normal for us to make mistakes at different points of our lives. Nobody is perfect as we always say but there are times that we can avoid making mistakes if we are aware of them. Additionally, there are important events in our lives that only happen once and we would want it to run flawlessly. An example of this is our wedding.

Weddings mostly happen only once in a person’s lifetime and planning one won’t be easy. There are a lot of things to think about including common mistakes to be avoided. To help you have a successful wedding, below are the top 5 mistakes that most couples have done and which you and your future spouse could avoid.

  1. Not setting and sticking with your budget

Once engagement is over, you and your future better half should set the wedding budget right away. Plan how much to spend, where to get the funds, and how to divide it among the various necessary expenses. Prepare a checklist on what needs to be done and paid for. This checklist or plan can contain specific details on how much to spend for the venue, caterer, florist and similar stuff.

If you are unsure on prices and fees, then get ideas from relatives or google for answers online. Once you have set the budget including the limit for each, then try to stick with it and do not go beyond. Avoid borrowing money just to suffice the amount you lack.

  1. Not having a backup plan for possible weather disturbance

A disaster might happen no matter how you plan things to run smoothly. The most common disasters in weddings involve the weather. Weather disturbances of any sort may happen even during summer and this should not be taken for granted especially among couples planning a destination or beach wedding.

You need to learn ahead what the expected weather is but don’t be too complacent and instead prepare for any weather change that might occur. Set a backup evacuation plan or put up tents and bring protective items to counter any weather disasters.

  1. Not hiring a professional photographer

Yes, your family and friends have cameras and phones that they can use to take pictures during your wedding but there is no assurance that they can produce brilliant wedding photos.

Only professional wedding photographers can give you the memorable, awesome wedding photos that you desire to keep. These photographers have the skills and experience that your friends might not have. Hence, do not hesitate to hire a professional photographer to cover precious moments in your big day. If you are in cambridgeshire, contact this awesome wedding photographer cambridgeshire.

  1. Not seeking professional help

There are a lot to do when planning for a wedding and missing or forgetting to complete something can possibly have a huge effect on your wedding. Getting professional help from more experienced individuals like a wedding coordinator can lessen your burden.

The wedding coordinator can provide suggestions to make your wedding more unique and more importantly he/she can set appointments and help you and your partner make decisions or choices. You can focus more on the wedding and enjoy the moment instead of getting stressed out during the whole planning period.

  1. Not reading contracts thoroughly

Some couples do not thoroughly read the contracts they signed with the wedding vendors they hired, only to realize later that there are discrepancies and that they are somehow fooled by a vendor.

It is important to find time to read each contract thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions stipulated there so you will not have any regrets afterwards.

By learning the mistakes done by others couples, you can avoid doing such and plan better for your wedding.

5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Camera Bag

camera bagsOnce you’ve decided to get into professional photography, you should be aware that there are many choices that you need to make. It will start from choosing the right camera and lenses up to selecting the important accessories that you will need to get your desired shots. Apart from the photography equipment, you must also consider buying a camera bag to keep your valuable stuff especially if you expect to be traveling every now and then to shoot events.

As a professional photographer, you are expected to invest in your equipment and since your cameras and stuff are not cheap you surely wouldn’t want them to get damaged, right? This makes a camera bag worth buying. A camera will not only protect your gear from damage but will also keep them safe from thieves who might desire to grab your expensive items.

Some newbie photographers take for granted the importance of buying a camera bag. They think that it is enough for them to just hang it on their shoulders and easily grab it when they want to take photos. They fail to contemplate on the possibility of encountering accidents that may damage their prized possessions. This wedding photographer Hertfordshire can attest to how important a camera bag is.

If you are a new photographer who is planning to buy a new camera bag, there are factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

  1. Design and Features

The design and features of the camera bag are among the things you need to consider when checking out different camera bags. The camera bag must be designed to securely hold you camera, lenses and smaller items. Look for a camera bag that has different compartments, big and small, so you can easily arrange your stuff.

A good feature to look into when selecting a bag is the bag’s zipper. The zippers must be durable and don’t have small opening which can possibly allow water to get in and damage your gear.

  1. Fabric and materials used

How much protection your camera bag can guarantee you? A camera bag with thicker outer fabric offers some protection against accidental bumps. Consider a camera bag that has extra padding inside for added protection. There are camera bags though that are too thick which make it even heavier. No worries though because today there are bags that are made of thick but lightweight materials so your stuff gets protected without giving you a burden. Photographers who are into lifestyle photography are also very meticulous when checking the fabric of the camera bag they want to buy.

  1. Style

There are different types of camera bags that you can find in the market today. Some styles are best for street photographers who usually bring only one camera and less stuff, other bags are suitable for wedding photographers and landscape photographers who often go to places to shoot. Your choice should depend on what type of photography you are into and the number of items you need to bring for a shoot.

For those who are always traveling, you should check out rolling camera bags and hard case bags. On the other hand, those who bring less stuff may consider buying a shoulder bag or backpack. If you are a street photographer, you can buy the smaller sling bag.

  1. Budget

Of course, if you are a new photographer, you usually don’t have enough money to invest in high-end camera bags. Hence, you can start with a simpler camera bag and later on purchase a better camera bag once your business boomed. If you can afford a high quality camera bag, then consider the tips mentioned above. In that way, you can buy the camera bag that is worth investing in.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

wedding photographyOur wedding is a joyous event that happens only in one day and yet we planned it for months or even a year. In a matter of hours all the hard work and effort we put in for this special moment might be gone and the only way we can remember it is through wedding pictures. That is of course if you were able to hire the perfect wedding photographer.

A perfect wedding photographer is someone who can capture long-lasting memories of our most-awaited wedding. He/she know what shots are important to take and can deliver photos that show real emotions of people, love between the couple as well as the beauty of the wedding. An efficient wedding photographer can deliver a beautify story of union through amazing wedding photos usually gathered in an album.

If you are still in the planning stage of your wedding and would like to really have a successful and remarkable one, then be sure to hire the right wedding photographer. Choosing one won’t be easy but if you follow the tips below then it is going to be a breeze.

  1. Start your search as early as possible

One you have decided to get married and a wedding proposal has been done, you should right away start your search for a wedding photographer. Begin by asking recommendations from friends and relatives. Pay particular attention to those who recently got married or hosted an event. If you can’t get any recommendations, then look within your locality and go online as well. There are wedding photographers who are active online. Check out their websites and get their contact information.

  1. Check out work portfolio

When you get to meet a potential candidate, check out their work portfolio in order to know how long he/she has been working as a wedding photographer. View some pictures he took and determine how consistent the shots are. If you are impressed, then add him/her to your shortlist of candidates for interview.

  1. Interview each candidate in person

After getting their contact information, set an appointment with each candidate and interview them in person. Discussing things in person is definitely better than talking over the phone. You will see the sincerity or lack of it when you come face to face with him or her. Assess how skilled he/she is by asking questions related to the wedding and requesting to view a complete wedding album of a past client. If you like what you see, then include that photographer in your shortlist. If you are in UK, check out this essex wedding photography website and get in touch with their professional wedding photographer.

  1. Create a shortlist

Once you are done interviewing all candidates, it s now time to shortlist candidates. Choose 3 to 4 photographers that you think seem perfect for the job. Ask for another appointment and request for a list of their wedding photography packages. Compare the packages as well as the overall skills of the photographer.

  1. Determine the cost

After assessing their skills and comparing the wedding photography services, determine how much is the overall cost and which one suits your budget. Make sure that you and your partner agrees on which one is best to hire based on your financial capacity.

  1. Know their availability and backup plan

It is also important to know the photographer’s availability including how many weddings he/she is going to cover for that day as well as week. Make sure he has backup plans in case of emergencies and he has a substitute photographer in case he gets sick during the day.

  1. Ask feedback from past clients

Lastly, the personality of a wedding photographer is very important. A great wedding photographer is easy to deal with, honest and shows professionalism. He delivers what is promised and agreed. The persons who attest to how professional he is are the past clients. Try to get in touch with these people so you will know if the potential candidate is a good choice.

Top Tips on How to Improve Your Photography Skills

photography skillsEvery aspiring photographer desires to gain knowledge and acquire the needed photography skills to become a professional photographer. These aspiring photographers often take a photography course with hopes of becoming a known professional photographer in the future. They also spend hours in practicing their craft to improve their skills. They are aware that becoming a great photographer won’t be easy but possible.

If you are an amateur photographer who plans to do photography on a professional level, there are ways you can start right without having to complicate things. You don’t have to learn everything all at once. You can start with the basic and go up high to more advanced learning. You can also learn tips from the experts on how you can improve your photography skills faster.

Well, below are some tips that most professional photographer tell the amateur ones. Read below and try applying them.

  1. Study your camera’s manual

This should be the very first step you should do upon purchase of your new camera. Familiarize yourself with the settings, learn the different shooting modes and practice shooting. Reading the camera manual will let you know also how to properly shoot using your camera and the right way to clean and maintain it.

  1. Go to museums and art galleries

Awakening the artist within you is the best way to improve yourself and one way to do it is through looking at art forms and wonderful masterpieces. Most cities have their own art museums and art galleries can be found in many places. Visit some of them and be surrounded by brilliant works that may inspire you and give you some ideas.

  1. Practice on moving objects

Taking pictures of still images is easier than shooting moving objects. With moving objects, you need to adjust the settings of your camera to ensure that the image remains sharp and not blurry. It is therefore important to practice on moving things. You can your local zoo and take shots of different moving animals as well as onlookers.  Adjust your camera until you get the right settings for every given situation.

  1. Consider yourself a beginner

A person, who already thinks that he/she is the best in the business, has no room for improvement. Think of yourself as a beginner who is hungry for knowledge and with that you will always be on the lookout for new ideas. Most beginners always practice and plan how to become better in their field. This is the same mindset used by the famous Douglas Kirkland who is a well -known photographer at the age of twenty four.

  1. Master a photo editing software

Photo editing skills are important for professional event photographers to acquire. You need to learn how to use a photo editing software to enhance the beauty of your capture images. The best options you can choose from are Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Choose one to learn and spend time in familiarizing how the tools in it functions. Visit  to get more ideas on what your pictures should look like.

Your passion for photography should drive to become better each day. Try to learn different new things about photography and continuously practice for this can definitely help improve your photography skills.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Second Shooter

photographerA wedding photographer is present in most weddings. These wedding photographers are tasked to produce brilliant images of the moments that took place during the wedding. Some photographers bring along a second shooter or assistant while others work alone.

Second shooters are usually amateur photographers who want to gain more experience and build their work portfolio. They find it productive to become an assistant to a lead photographer. They like to observe how fellow photographers work for they know they can gain knowledge from taking on this low profile assignment.

Now if you are a professional wedding photographer, should you get a second shooter when covering a wedding? Will it do you good or will it cause confusion? Well, the answer is yes, you should get one. Here’s why.

  1. You can’t be in two places at the same time

There are moments that happen in different places at the same time and of course you can only be in one location at a time. Hence, the second shoot can help you not miss moments that need to be captured. If you and your second shooter will plan ahead on how or what each of you will focus on then it can help a lot in making your coverage a success.

  1. You might need help in carrying your gear

Depending on the type of wedding as well as the location, there are times that you need to carry more gear. It would help if there’s an extra pair of hands who can carry some of your equipment. Also, during the wedding, the second shooter can help keep an eye on your equipment so nothing gets lost. This London wedding photographer agrees that working hand in hand with someone will definitely make life easier for you.

  1. More precious moments can be covered

Two photographers would mean two cameras shooting in different locations trying to capture every special moment that happens. You can talk it over with the second photographer on what he/she will focus on and what kind of shots to talk. Your cameras can point at two different directions and each can be in two separate spots.

Let’s say for example during the exchange of vows, you can take shots of the couple while the second shooter photographs the guests. You get to capture the emotions and expressions of the couple while your buddy captures the expressions of the guests.

  1. Less burden on your shoulders

An assistant or second shooter who has knowledge on photography and knows how to take shots can surely make you feel les stressed. You know there is someone who can assist in making this wedding coverage successful. Of course, you will not totally depend on your second shooter but instead you will guide him or her along the way. It will be beneficial to both of you. Orange County Wedding Photographer can attest to how important an assistant shooter is.

During the wedding party, you can take turns in eating meals. You can grab a quick lunch while he photographs the happenings then afterwards you switch roles and it’s now his time to eat.

Your wedding coverage will definitely flow smoothly if you have a second shooter and you have planned everything ahead of time.


6 Tips for Building a Home Photo Studio

home portrait studioHaving your own home portrait studio where you can receive clients has several advantages. One is that that you don’t have to pay for rent. Another is you don’t have to travel in getting to a studio for work. You can work comfortably in your own home photo studio.

Now, is it difficult to build a home photo studio? No, it is not that difficult. You only need to be aware of the best ways to start one. Here are some tips to help you create your own studio.

  1. Choose a spacious and high-ceiling room

Find a room in your house that is isolated from the other rooms – it can be your old storage room or basement. The room must be at least 20×30 feet and the ceiling must be at least 12 feet tall. Some of your clients might be very tall and the hair light that you will position behind him/her will not work. There should be enough distance from the hair light and your client for the captured image to look great.

  1. Select solid backdrops

A nice solid backdrop can make your picture look neat and professional. You can find different fabrics to choose from but if you have a limited budget you can go for a wall mount where you can place 2 or 3 rolls of paper. You can also find ideas on what the best backdrops are from Funky Pixel Photography.

  1. Buy props and other important accessories

Props can make your pictures less boring and more creative. Your clients will also love it if they have props to choose from. Aside from cameras and lenses, you will also need a tripod, light modifiers like umbrellas and soft boxes, speed lights, memory cards, camera bags or cases in case you are requested to shoot on-site.

  1. Position near a window

There’s no other better light than sunlight entering your window. If you can position your shooting area near a window then that would be better. At times, when the light is too harsh you can cover it with curtain drapes or use a light modifier to lessen the light.

  1. Set a small place for storage

Your cameras, lenses and other photography equipment certainly cost you a lot thus it is important to secure them. Have a storage space where you can hide them when not in use. This is to prevent damage on the equipment as well as possible theft for there might be someone interested to get them.

  1. Display your best photos

Make sure to impress your clients by hanging your best shots on the wall or by placing photo albums on the receiving area for them to look at. Include a list of the packages you are offering so it will be easier for them to decide on which they want. Essex wedding photographer makes sure that client can see his valued works.

When To Use a Tripod

When we talk about professional photography, what usually comes to mind is a camera. Next are the lenses we attach to the camera. Now, what do you think follow the lenses in order of importance in photography? What do you think is the most important accessory that photographers need to have? Yes – a tripod!

A tripod can be simply described as a three-legged stand that provides stability to cameras for better captured shots. It is available in different sizes, weight, material and prices.

Many photographers – both amateur and professional – will agree that a tripod is an essential tool in capturing sharper and more brilliant images. It is not just an item for display but rather it is something that is very useful especially if you are into night-time photography, macro photography, landscape and sports photography.

Basically, a tripod is used to reduce if not totally avoid camera shakes when taking picture. Camera shake can affect the quality of an image. It may result to blurry or poor quality pictures. There are many other reasons and situations where it is best for you to use a tripod.

  1. Long exposure shooting

A tripod allows long exposure which can help produce more creative images. This is commonly done by landscape photographers to make land forms appear magnificent and visually-appealing.

  1. Close up or macro shooting

Since the legs of the tripod can be changed, you can increase the height or lower it to a level necessary to get macro shots. Photographing small objects is not easy. It takes skills and the help of a tripod to get that perfect macro shot. A tripod can lessen the camera movement so you get a sharp image. Photographers of Calgary newborn photography sometimes make use of a tripod in taking macro shots of babies.

  1. Family pictorials (that includes you!)

When taking a picture of you own family, sometimes you get to miss being in the shot because you’re the one shooting. With a tripod, you can place the camera on it, set the timer and go to your position or use a remote shutter to control the camera and take your family picture. This will surely be fun and memorable since you get to be with your loved ones in one picture.

  1. Better image composition

A tripod can help you better plan your shoot, compose your image, find a focal point and set it right. You don’t have to carry your heavy DSLR because you can position it on a tripod and plan the shot.

  1. Work on your model’s poses

When photographing a family or group especially in a wedding or a family portrait shot, you can put down your camera on the tripod and focus on helping your clients prepare for the shoot. Adjust their position and give suggestions on what poses to make. A tripod can give you more time in doing more productive stuff for a more successful shoot. Staffordshire wedding photographers do this when shooting weddings.

The prices of a tripod vary; some are cheap while others are expensive. Expensive ones are usually made of high-end materials which make the tripod lasts for a long time. Your choice must depend on your budget as well as your own judgment as to which model is the best.